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      TISALUMSUB is a registered telecommunications company that provides Sales of Internet Data, Bulk Airtime, Cable TV Subscription(DStv, GOtv, Startimes), Electricity Bills Payment, WAEC & NECO E-PIN, Convert Airtime to Cash.

Спеціальні функції популярного слоту

Як і в більшості інших ігрових автоматів, найприбутковішою частиною гри є бонусні функції. Wild Toro 2 не розчарує в цьому розділі казино https://www.biz.kr.ua/articles/Yak_pratsuut_bezkoshtovni_online_igry_y_ryletky.html, оскільки пропонує чотири захоплюючі бонуси:

Торо шаленіє, коли символи Тельця та Матадора приземляються в одному оберті. Торо зіб’є з барабанів усіх матадорів, залишивши за собою слід диких тварин. Висадіть срібних або золотих матадорів, щоб активувати функцію повторного повороту матадора. Множник виграшу, прикріплений до золотого матадора, збільшується з кожним новим обертом. Коли Торо нокаутує золотого матадора, спрацьовує функція нокауту Матадора.

Our Feature


Our customers are premium to us, hence satisfying them is our topmost priority. Our customer service is just a click away.

24/7 Customer Support

In assurance to give you the best treat, we use cutting-edge technology to run our services. Our data delivery and wallet funding is automated, airtime top-up and data purchase are automated and get delivered to you almost instantly.

We Are Reliable

TISALUMSUB is a fully optimized platform for reliability and dependability. You get 100% value for any transaction you carry with us.

Services Rendered on TISALUMSUB


Start enjoying cheap data bundles of all networks on your smartphone. It works perfectly with all internet enabled devices(Android, Iphone, Computers, Modems, Routers, Mifi).


Convert your excess airtime of all networks to cash. Rate is very good and payment are made immediately into your bank account.


Decoder activation is instant with favorable discount compared to others.

Electricity Bill Payment

Pay your postpaid and prepaid electricity bill at the corner of your house anytime of the day.
Effortless, Faster, Reliable and Convenient. Pay Now


Both Vtu and recharge E-pins for all networks are available on this platform.
You can recharge yourself, buy for your loved ones or even resell.


Buy WAEC, NECO, UTME, NABTEB e.t.c examination scratch cards. We are fast and reliable.

Why Choose Us?


We Provide Awesome Service

WE OFFER EXCELLENT SERVICE ACROSS TELECOMMUNICATION. We are swift and 99.9% reliable when it comes to the sales of Internet data, Bulk Airtime, Cable TV(DStv, GOtv & Startimes), Converting excess airtime to cash, Electricity Bill Payment and Exam PINS( WAEC, NECO & JAMB).

We have been one of the best telecommunication platform for years now. Our goal and vision is to support the race of informaton and communication technology in Nigeria and on the other hands, to support and help individuals to earn by rendering telecommuncation services from us at extremelly cheap rate from our platform..


We Are 100% Secure

Your e-wallet is the safest, easiest and fastest means of carrying out transactions with us. Your funds are secured with your e-wallet PIN and can be kept for you for as long as you want. You can also withdraw it any time. Our customers are premium to us, hence satisfying them is our topmost priority. Our customer service is just a click away and You get 100% value for any transaction you carry with us.


We Are Fast

Our Data delivery and wallet funding is automated, Airtime topup and data purchase are automated and get delivered to you almost instantly.


We Save You The Stress 

Certain things are hard😓 but making payments shouldn’t be one of them😋💗. TISALUMSUB helps you make payments for services you enjoy right from the comfort of your home or office. The experience of total convenience, fast service delivery and easy payment is just at your fingertips.



500MB –> ₦130 –> 30Days

500MB –> ₦140 –> 30Days

1GB –> ₦240 –> 30Days

1GB–> ₦250 –> 30Days

2GB –> ₦480 –> 30Days

2GB –> ₦500 –> 30Days

3GB –> ₦720 –> 30Days

3GB –> ₦750 –> 30Days

5GB –> ₦1200 –> 30Days

5GB –> ₦1250 –> 30Days

10GB –> ₦2400 –> 30Days

  10GB –> ₦2500 –> 30Days

 20GB –> ₦5000 –> 30Days

  40GB –> ₦10000 –> 30Days

        GLO DATA       

1GB –> ₦240 –> 30Days(SME)

2GB –> ₦480 –> 30Days(SME)

3GB –> ₦720 –> 30Days(SME)

5GB –> ₦1200 –> 30Days(SME)

10GB –> ₦2400 –> 30Days(SME)

20GB –> ₦4800 –> 30Days(SME)

1.8GB –> ₦450 –> 14Days(Gifting)

3.9GB –> ₦900 –> 30Days(Gifting)

7.5GB –> ₦1300 -> 30Days(Gifting)

7GB –> ₦1350 –> 7DAYS(Gifting)

9.2GB –> ₦1800 -> 30Days(Gifting)

10.8GB -> ₦2200-> 30Days(Gifting)

14GB –> ₦2600 -> 30Days(Gifting)

18GB –> ₦3500 –> 30Days(Gifting)

24GB –> ₦4400 –> 30Days(Gifting)

29.5GB -> ₦7000-> 30Days(Gifting)


1GB –> ₦240 –> 30Days(C.Gifting)

2GB –> ₦480 –> 30Days(C.Gifting)

3GB –> ₦720 –> 30Days(C.Gifting)

5GB –> ₦1200 -> 30Days(C.Gifting)

10GB-> ₦2400 -> 30Days(C.Gifting)

20GB -> ₦4800-> 30Days(C.Gifting)

1GB –> ₦460 –> 7Days(D.Gifting)

750MB-> ₦460-> 14Days(D.Gifting)

1.5GB -> ₦920 -> 30Days(D.Gifting)

2GB –> ₦1100 -> 30Days(D.Gifting)

3GB –> ₦1380 -> 30Days(D.Gifting)

4.5GB-> ₦1820-> 30Days(D.Gifting)

6GB –> ₦2300 -> 30Days(D.Gifting)

10GB-> ₦2760 -> 30Days(D.Gifting)

20GB -> ₦4600-> 30Days(D.Gifting)

30GB-> ₦7500 -> 30Days(D.Gifting)

40GB-> ₦9200 -> 30Days(D.Gifting)


1GB –> ₦300 –> 30Days(SME)

2GB –> ₦600 –> 30Days(SME)

3GB –> ₦900 –> 30Days(SME)

5GB –> ₦1400 –> 30Days(SME)

1.5GB –> ₦900 –> 30Days(Gifting)

2GB –> ₦1080 –> 30Days(Gifting)

3GB –> ₦1350 –> 30Days(Gifting)

4.5GB –> ₦1800 –> 30Days(Gifting)

11GB –> ₦3600 –> 30Days(Gifting)

15GB –> ₦4000 –> 30Days(Gifting)

20GB –> ₦4500 –> 30Days(Gifting)

40GB –> ₦9000 –> 30Days(Gifting)

75GB –> ₦14000 ->30Days(Gifting)



GoTV SMALLIE –> ₦1,100/month

GoTV SMALLIE –> ₦2,900/Quarterly

GoTV SMALLIE –> ₦8,600/Yearly

GoTV JINJA –> ₦2,250/month

GoTV JOLLI –> ₦3,300/month

GoTV MAX –> ₦4,850/month

GoTV SUPA –> ₦6,400/month


DSTV PADI –> ₦2,500/month

DSTV YANGA –> ₦3,500/month

DSTV CONFAM –> ₦6,200/month

DSTV COMPACT –> ₦10,500/month

DSTV COMPACT PLUS –> ₦16,600/month

DSTV PREMIUM –> ₦24,500/month

EXTRAVIEW ACCESS –> ₦3,400/month

Startimes Antenna Decoder Bouquet

Startimes NOVA –> ₦1,200/month

Startimes BASIC –> ₦2,100/month

Startimes CLASSIC –> ₦2,800/month


Startimes Dish Decoder Bouquet

Startimes NOVA –> ₦1,100/month

Startimes SMART –> ₦2,800/month

Startimes SUPER –> ₦5,300/month

Startimes CHINESE –> ₦9,800/month

Meet Our Leadership

Timilehin Isaiah Olumide (BMLS)


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TISALUMSUB is a data vending platform which i came in contact with through a recommendation from a friend, it has been a cool platform that delivers my orders automatically and the customer care service is super fast in handling and resolving any issues related to network downtime from our service providers.
Project Manager
“I mistakenly recharged my phone with #50,000 airtime. I became so frustrated and dazzled on what to do, I called my friend and he told me there's a platform called TISALUMSUB that usually convert Airtime to cash. I thought he was to deceive me but i decided to give it a trial and on God, I'm able to convert the 50k airtime back to cash. He credited my bank account immediately, I was so excited. This platform is so extraordinary, the Admin is always active online 24/7 .
Account Officer
TISALUMSUB is the best platform when it comes to affordable data plan for all networks and cable TV subscription for both end-user and reseller. I recommend this platform. It's fast, automated and secured.
Adeyemo Mariam
CEO, MorennWorld
I really enjoy your service. Thanks for saving me the stress of going to NEPA office before i pay for my electricity bill. Please keep it up, God is your strength.
Dotun Ayandare
Registered Nurse
“I want to say a very big thank you to the staff and team of TISALUMSUB for their swift response to my internet data and bills payment orders. You guys are really doing a good job. I wholeheartedly recommend this platform for 24hrs service delivery.”

Our Mobile App is now Available!!!

   The TISALUMSUB mobile app is available for download with just a click on the download button below, and it is compatible with all versions of android devices.

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